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Many fundamental aspects of medical care, like chronic disease management and preventive exams, belong in the category of primary care. At Independent Medical Group in Pahrump, Nevada, Michael Reiner, MD, provides a wide range of primary care preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services. To explore available primary care services, call Independent Medical Group, or book an appointment online today.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care is a vast medical specialty focusing on your general health. It also includes primary care and the attention you receive, even if you’re perfectly healthy. Primary care also includes annual physical exams and disease screenings.

Independent Medical Group offers a wide range of medical services for every member of your family. You and your family can receive general non-emergency medical care at Independent Medical Group and specialist referrals if you need them. 

The providers at Independent Medical Group become familiar with you as a patient. They personalize your care according to your medical needs as well as your goals and preferences. 

Which services does primary care include?

There are many medical services available at Independent Medical Group that belong in primary care. You might need:

Diagnostic services

An essential part of primary care is getting the right diagnosis when you have an illness or injury. The team at Independent Medical Group diagnoses acute and chronic conditions.

Wellness exams

Wellness exams should be a part of your annual health care routine. You simply visit Independent Medical Group for a yearly physical exam to keep up on your health and your changing body.

Acute illness treatment

Acute illnesses only last for a short time, like a cold, the flu, or strep throat. The team finds a suitable medication or course of treatment to ease your symptoms. 

Chronic disease management

Chronic diseases are illnesses that last for one year or longer, often causing symptoms and complications for the rest of your life. Common chronic diseases include diabetes, hypertension, and kidney diseases. The team helps you manage your chronic illness with ongoing testing, medications, and treatments. 


Geriatric care is attentive, personalized care for older adults. You or a loved one might need geriatric care if you have more than one chronic condition requiring management or if caretaking is placing considerable stress on the household. 

Why is it important to have a primary care provider?

Primary care providers are often the first people you turn to in health care for non-emergency questions and health issues. When you find a primary care provider and visit them regularly for wellness exams and other services, they become familiar with your health habits and patterns. 

Your primary care provider’s familiarity with you makes it uniquely easy for them to identify changes in your behavior or functioning that other people unfamiliar to you might not perceive right away. Primary care providers often diagnose conditions early when they’re still relatively easy to treat.

Whether it’s time for your next wellness exam or you have symptoms of an illness, call Independent Medical Group for high-quality primary care, or book an appointment online today.